How to Create a Gmail Account or Google Account.

In this modern life a Google account is a basic need for users, most of the smartphones come with inbuilt google apps.

For accessing all apps of google like Gmail, play store all requires a google account & in this post, I will explain how to create a gmail account or google account.

If we consider Gmail then 1.5Billion active user of google in 2019.

Google ecosystem has been many services or products like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. There is no limitation for creating Google account or Gmail account it is absolutely free.

Google is the largest search engine in the world. The real owner of google is Larry Page and it was founded in the year of 1998 by Larry Page and Surgery Brin while they were Ph.D student at Standford University California.

How to Create a Gmail Account or Google Account.

Googles largest app store play store requires google account. Google Playstore is the largest store for android users.

1Million plus apps there in playstore. From 5 people in the world, there is 3 people have gmail account or google account and 2 people wants to know How to setup gmail account.

Google has 4 types of account : –
  1. Google Account.
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Gsuit Account
    • Gsuit Basic Account
    • Gsuit Business Account
    • Gsuit Enterprise Account

1.Google Account : -

Google account is a key to exploring all thing (e.g - News, music, movies, etc)  in the whole world.

If technically we consider then Google account is a user account that is required for access, authentication or authorization to create online google services.

Some Google products require google account or some not. An account require for Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Hangout, Blogger, etc. Some products like Youtube, Google search engine, Google Maps and other some google accounts don't require a google account. However, an account required for uploading video in youtube or adding a place in Google Maps.

2.Gmail Account : -

Gmail is the free email service available by Google and it is absolutely free to send or receives emails from others. Gmail is developed by Google and it starts as beta in April 1,  2004 and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009. In 2006 Gmail launches for the mobile platform. Users can access Gmail on the web and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

In April 2018 Gmail has 1.4 Billion users when Gmail starts it gives some limited amount of storage for emails to one person, but now the capacity per user increased to 15 Gigabyte. The certain limitations for receiving emails to a user is 50 megabytes in size including attachments. While they can send 25 megabytes of email to other (its applicable for free Gmail accounts ).

It is possible to send  more than 25 megabytes of file but you have to upload the attachment to Google drive and the insert the attachment link with the sendig email.

3.Gsuit Account :- 

Gsuite is the same as google account but some extar features are added into it. Gsuit offers  all the same products as usual google account offers but the new thing is it develops for business platforms.
Features of Gsuit:-
  • In Gmal you have apply our own domail ( and 30GB of storage plus 24/7 customer support.
  • Google Drive storage increases to 1TB per user. Advance admin control depending on plan.

Some extra feature gives you on the business platform. This Pricing of Gsuit is categorized into 3 types 
  • Basic Plan $6
  • Business Plan $12
  • Enterprise Plan $25

Follow these Steps to Setup Gmail Account : -

Setup a Gmail Account 

Creating a Google Account is easy, only you need your name, date of birth. Automatically Gmail account is created with creating a google account.

  1. For creating Google account click this link or follow below procedure.
Gmail Account, Googe Account

     2. Now click create account.
how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account.

    3.After clicking create account two option avaliable -  a. For myself  
                                                                                            b.To manage my Business.

                  how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account.

   4. If you are opening the account for personal use then select "For myself " otherwise select "To manage My business".

  5. Now a signup form will appear you can fill your "first name", "Last Name",  and choose a username for mail address ( enter your 8 digit password. Click on Next.

how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account.

  6. Google ask for entering your phone number to make secure your account. Enter your phone no and click next.
how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account.

  7. You have get a Google Verification code to your entered phone number or another option a call from google and it speak the verification number enter it. 
how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account.
 8. Enter your recovery email address (it is optional), date of birth, Gender.

how to create playstore account, how to make playstore account,How to Setup a Gmail Account or Google Account,How to Configure Gmail Account

 9. Read carefully all the terms & Condition and agree, now your account is set.

gmail terms and condition

  10. After clicking "iagree" your account is created sucessfully. Now you can use all services of Google.

Releted Questions :-

- Make your Google account more secure.

  •  Google gives two step verification for your google/gmail account, it menas if you want to login into your account then you have require a second authentication code for logging into your account.
  •  In Google dashboard section you get 2step verification, you can verify your account by entering a verification code sent to your phon number which was provided in the time of enabling 2step verification. By doing this you make your account more  secure and safe from hacking.

- How can i recover my Gmail account if i forget my email address.

  • If you forget your email address then in the Sign in page a forget email link avaliable clik it.
  • Now enter your used phone number in the dash and click ok.
  • Remember your first and last name and enter in the new dash appears. Now a verification link you get in your registered no verify it.
  • If all details are correct then you get a mail address.
  • Your mail address is recovered. 
-How to Setup your Gmail account if you are not a adult.
  • Google has some terms and conditions for every user.
  • If a child age having 13 or more then an Google or Gmail account is set up.
  • The parents of the child wants then google allows to setup gmail / google account.
  • In sign up period google takes the permission from the parents account to create below 13 child account by the help of family link app.
  • Yes you can create a child account if age of the child is above 13 years old.

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