What is Amazon Mturk and Strategies to Earn More from Mturk.

Are you looking for excellent work with cash rewwards? Work from home then why don't you choose Amazon Mturk platform for earning.

Amazon Mturk, mechanical turk
Mechanical Turk

Amazon is a global platform and the most populous server company which was amazon web services. Amazons Hits (Human Intelligence Task) platform which was named as Amazon mturk.

You can work in this company as a full time. Mechanical turk services to workers complete the tasks using Human intelligence.

What is Amazon Mturk?

For those who unaware about mturk, mturk stands for mechanical turk and it is an official service of Amazon.

Amazon mturk is a platform where amazon completes her projects using human intelligence. 

It gives some simple tasks to her workers and furnish payment for works. Mturk quite gives some simple tasks which take maximum 5-10 minute.

You can work in Amazon Mturk without qualification and some tasks require prior qualification. In mechanical turk platform, maximum task are short-term tasks. 

As an example you get a task for give a short review about a product, write an article in 200-300 words.

What is Hits in Amazon mturk? 

The new commerce in mturk can confuse about Hits. In the amazon market place, Hits are used to getting the result accurate.

Hits is Human Intelligence Task and it is a technique by using amazon generate an accurate result.

Consider a single task is given to no. of worker and all are complete their task, for getting accurate result we compare all workers result.

If the workers are 100% and 80% worker give the same answer then that answer is correct which one takes more percentages.

In mechanical turk all Assignment is based on Hits. All tasks are divided into a separate task for better result.

Who are Eligible for Amazon mturk.

Primarily for working in Mechanical turk there no exact criteria. Mturk available in certain countries that areAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, India, Germany, Hong Kong etc. 

Existing these countries another some countries available. If your country is available in this list then you are eligible for amazon mturk.

Amazon tries to expand this service worldwide for getting better workers. If amazon service is available in your country then the chance of mechanical turk service is more.

Workers and Requester in Mechanical Turk

Workers and Requester both are important part of this system. In this platform what value of both workers and requesters i will explain below.


Requesters are clients of mturk who gives assignments to the company. Requesters use interface of mturk to produce hits for workers.

For a requester, the pricing is decided on the basis of qualification and Hits. Set your rate for an assignment.

Amazon mturk,mturk,amazon mechanical turk,mechanical turk

Requesters pay a certain fee for every HITs they created and an external fee for the company, the mturk fees are based on what fees you pay to workers.

If requesters want external qualification then they have to paid an external some fee to workers.


For making money in Amazon mturk complete available tasks using human intelligence. After completing tasks you get fees of that work.

Amazon mturk,mturk,amazon mechanical turk,mechanical turk

Before accepting a task you have to accept t&c in the preview page. All task have t&c page and requester name, the time allotted, and reward amount is available.

How you will complete the task and all detail is written in the preview page. For working any task you must have required to accept t&c of that page.
In the preview page of every task, the reward amount and number of hits available indited in the top. The alotted time to complete this task also written.

What type of work available in Amazon Mturk?

In amazon mturk both simple and difficult task available. The tasks are given to workers checking qualification. The available task in mturk are -

1. Image/Video Processing

While difficulties to computers, then using Human intelligence the work can be done easily. The workers can analyze manually to images and videos.
Amazon mturk,mturk,amazon mechanical turk,mechanical turk

In image/video processing tasks you have manually find a particular object.

2. Data verification and Clean-up

From large directories, you have to find out duplicate entries or unusual entries. Analyze duplicate entries and clean up.

Amazon mturk,mturk,amazon mechanical turk,mechanical turk

3. Information Gathering

Gather information for a particular object. Task like article writing, answer surveys, find specific data etc.

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4. Data Processing

Companies can understand her products using different data collected by workers. The tasks are editing and transcription, translate language from one language to another, rating the accuracy of result, categorizing information based on instruction.

amazon mechanical turk,mturk login,mturk woker,mturk jobs, amazon mechanical

Five Strategies to Earn from Amazon Mturk

If you can work with a Strategy then you must get success. How you can earn more with less time in Amazon Mturk. Are you interested to earn more than read the full article. 

1. Select Quick tasks

Try to choose tasks which are completed quickly. Complete your task before the assigned time. If you choose quick tasks then your rating in mturk will increase as well as reward.

2. Selection of HITs

Maximum Hits pays less reward (e.g $0.01-0.02) so try to choose Hits which can complete quickly and pays a minimum $0.5 or more.

3. Increase Qualification

Qualification takes a important role in mturk, so try to increase qualification. In some HITs before apply, it asks to apply complete qualification test to prove you are eligible for this Hit.

If you complete this type of Hits then your qualification will increase and you get more tasks with reward amount.

4. Use Filter

Amazon, mechanical turk

In right top of the mturk dashboard filter option is available. Using this option you can manage Hits as per your qualification. Sort the hits by Creation date (oldest or newest), Reward amount (lowest or highest), Hits (least or most) for getting good you must try filter option. You can set manually Reward amount using filter option.

5. Study The Hits

Study the hits page before agreeing, if you study a Hit and then apply then you get an idea to complete the Hit and complete the hit with less time.

If you complete a Hit before time and accurate then your rating will increase and mturk belives you smartness.

Setting up Amazon Mturk Worker Account

I know you are interested after reading the above article, for sign in follow below procedure. For sign in as worker you have required an amazon account.
  • Browse Mturk official website.
  • Choose Sign in as Worker.
What is Amazon Mturk and Strategies to Earn from Mturk.

  • Now sign in page blows in your screen and asking for amazon email and password.
mturk revies, mturk jobs

  • If you don't have amazon account then click create your amazon account and come into 5th step directly.
  • After entering your email and password, website redirects to mturk worker dashboard.
mturk.com,worker of mturk

  • Now your account goes for verifying and you get a message like the above image.
  • Wait for amazon review message, after successfully completion of your account review you will able to work in Amazon Mturk.

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Turk

There is no website is there whis is perfect, every website has pros and cons there.


  • Mechanical turk website is 100% reliable site.
  • This website paid daily basic, i mean you can withdraw payment daily.
  • Choose your timing for work, there is no compulsory work timing.
  • You can earn extra by adding extra time.


  • In this platform, Hits are used thats why it pays less for tasks.
  • From your total earning you pay 20% to mturk.
  • Most of the tasks are boring.

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