What are Backlinks ? And How do They Work to Boost up a Website ?

A backlink is a link that is distinct from any other links. Basically, backlinks redirect from one website to another and it makes a huge change for the backlink given website. We will discuss briefly about What are backlinks ? and How do they work to Boost up a Website ?

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Google is the world's best search engine and it helps all user to find her relevant content by using her user-friendly advanced algorithm.

Backlinks which are most important for a website and also for a post, actually backlinks create an identification in front of google.

To drive more visitors into your website and rank your post in google is possible when you have built high-quality backlinks for your website.

In this article, I will explain briefly about backlinks, types of backlinks and why backlinks are essential for a website.

What are Backlinks?

It's name defines it is a link which brings back to any other website.
Backlinks were created using an image or Anchor text.

A backlink is a simple url which was written using an anchor tag in others website. Backlink a path or way, using this way google crawler, visitors come to your website.

The main reason to create a backlink is to make your website reliable on google. If your website is reliable means your domain authority will increase and simultaneously your article or post will gradually increase.

E.g - One Popular shop is available in new york, always you buy products from that shop. They don't sell some particular category product, so the shopkeeper advice you a reliable shop from where you buy that category product. The shopkeeper gives a backlink to another shop.

In the above example, the shopkeeper is a high domain authority website, who gives backlinks to other reliable websites.

What Are the Types Of Backlink?

To determine the link is followed by a website or not, some techniques use and the technique is necessary for google crawler.

In SEO there are mainly two types of Backlinks available according to link attribution
  1. Dofollow Backlinks
  2. Nofollow Backlinks
You can specify your relation with link using  rel-tag and google announce some tags to specify relation with the link.

1.Dofollow Backlinks

Mainly Dofollow backlinks are created between two websites. First one who produces a link from the website and the second who link with the website through referring.

The main motive to create a dofollow backlink is you get some referral as a form of DA (domain authority).

If your backlink is available in a website and it is dofollow then google crawler sents a bot the linked page for crawling. Now crawler checks your article or website.

If you are written post is seo friendly with content then it gradually starts ranking on google. If you created backlink is high authority then your page authority also increase as well post ranking.

The dofollow backlinks are consists of rel="dofollow", it looks like

<a href="https://techkatension.blogspot.com" rel="dofollow">anchor text</a>

2.Nofollow Backlinks

Nofollow means not follow, nofollow website also matters for search ranking, google before ranking fully check the post and website then increase the ranking of the post.

If your all links are dofollow then google may consider you have manually created the all links using any paid method. So nofollow backlink is also important for a website.

If you get a dofollow backlink from a high authority website, then the google crawler don't come to your website through the link but the visitors of your referring website must come.

The nofollow backlinks are consists of rel="nofollow",  it looks like

<a href="https://techkatension.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">anchor text</a>

New link attributes

Google announces two new rel values to define type of backlink.


Any backlink is added in your site for sponsorship or advertisements then you add rel="sponcered" attribute in href tag.


UGC stands for "User Generated Content" and it is used in forums and comments.

What is the Importance of Backlinks for a Website?

Backlink takes a huge role for a website or post rank. Backlinks create a way for crawlers to analyze the post and find the exact keyword used for the post.

Another quality of backlinks is it drives traffic from referring domains and increase user engagement in your post. If your website traffic is increasing then google understands your website content is good and increase your post visibility in google search.

Benefits of Backlinks

  • Your Domain Authority will increase.
  • Receive traffic from the referring domain.
  • Your page will rank.

How to check Backlinks of your website

To rank a post both on-page and off-page seo technique are essential, but link building strategy comes under the off-page SEO Technique. There are many strategies available to creating backlinks for your website. 

What is backlink,what are backliks
Free Backlink Checker

There are many free and paid tools available in the market to track backlinks of a website. Some popular paid tools like ahreaf, sem rush etc.

If you don't have subscription of any paid tool then you can use free tools like ubersuggest, smallseotool, thehoth,...., etc.


Building Backlink

You can create backlinks for your website using these techniques and all popular bloggers use this kind of link building technique.

  1. Guest posting - Guest posting is the latest link building trend because most of the sites offer to create a backlink for your site by publishing a post on her website.
  2. Broken Link Building - In this tactics, you have to find a broken link  ( Broken link Finder ) of other websites and then you will contact and suggest to replace the dead link with your working link.
  3. Submitting to Web Directories - You can easily create backlinks by submitting your website in different web directories.
I suggest first of all create links using above technique then follow this "Replicating Your Competitors Website" and create powerful backlinks for your website.

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Backlinks are most important factor for a website ranking because as per the BERT algorithm it gives more priority to those websites who have numbers of backlinks plus high authority backlinks.

If you have a website and want to rank your post on google then start building backlinks for your website from high authority websites.

In most of the cases, google focuses on backlink but if your Content is good then your post must rank on google so start building backlinks for your website.

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